Not Forgotten: Tulsa Race Riot

Next month is Black History Month. During this month, we are suppose to celebrate the accomplishments and progress that African and African Americans have achieved in a society that marginalized them. However, some pieces of their history is missing. There is an incident of American History that was covered up. It is called the Tulsa Race Riot.

Haven’t heard of it? I didn’t either until this radio show. The events that led to the dissemination of a major portion of the city and hundreds of deaths all started with a misunderstanding between a white girl and a black boy. Things quickly devolve for the community as everyone gets involved in the events. The white community start mobbing. The black community fled from the angry mob, and watched as friends were murdered while their houses burn. This was such a catastrophe that you would think that there was no way to escape from the impact of this event. However, history proved us wrong.

Newspaper articles were deleted from archives that spoke of the events that occurred. Graves went unmarked. Aide was not rendered. Every horrible thing one could do to cover up a massacre was done. I couldn’t believe that archeologists are still looking for evidence of the massacre in order to identify damage and victims so they could correct the history of the Tulsa Race Riot.

As an American,  I believe we need to remember this tragedy. We need to remember what we are capable of when we let hate divide us. We need to be disgusted with these events so that no one can think they can get away with these actions. We, as humans and Americans, are capable of so much good in the world if we push through the bad.

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