Wine Fraud: Conning the Bottle and the Drinker

I love a good glass of wine. A little bit of bubbly champagne or pinot noir and I am your girl. When listening to the Stuff You Should Know podcast while working out, I was intrigued that they were discussing one of my favorite dinner drink.

I had heard of wine fraud in the past. Thank you Leverage! However, I thought it only happened once in a blue moon and only with notable vintage wines. Take the Jefferson wines for example. Well, shocker. That isn’t true at all. Did you know that the $5 bottle at the grocery store could be a fake? ‘Cause I didn’t. The shocking thing is that this has happened too! Wine fraud is a huge problem and concern.

There are infamous conman that have committed wine fraud. These men were able to con reputable auction houses and collectors  alike. These conman were so good that the industry has updated it’s policy when it comes to wine bottling. However, the vintage bottles do not have these techniques implemented against conman so the fraud could still be committed against them. The only advice out there is do your research and study up on the facts around the creation of the wine.

It was a highly interesting listen and well worth cutting out some time to listen to. So pop a cork and pour yourself a glass while listening to Stuff You Should Know.

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