Bisous Bisous Pâtisserie: Piece of Paris in Dallas, Texas

I recently found a little piece of France in Downtown Dallas. The cute little wicker tables on the sidewalk are an iconic reference to the little tables in Paris. But the flash back to Paris is not the only reason I traveled to Downtown, I actually was here for the sweet delicious treats.

Bisous Bisous Pâtisserie has an arrangement of French baked goods. That means delicious macaroons, tarts, cakes, and croissants. They also serve delicious cafe drinks to go with your sweet treat. An unique feature of the shop is that they also offer cooking classes so you can learn how to  make their delicious treats. The photos on Instagram looked so amazing. So me and a friend got a round of coffee and a tray of delicious treats to dine on.

The first treat that we dined on is a Kouign-Amann. A Kouign-Amann is a puff pastry treat filled with sugar and butter. It is super yummy.

The second treat that we dined on was a Lemon Meringue Tart. The lemon curd was tart. The casing was crumbly. It was a fan favorite.

The third treat we went for was a Frambiose Cake. It was full of tang of raspberry and vanilla sweetness. The meringue frosting was a cool twist on traditional frosting. The cake was small so that means no guilt right?

The items that are not photographed because we took home a box to eat was macaroons that converted us macaroon haters into macaroon lovers, and an eclair that was ok compared to the other baked items. In the end, we both felt like the trip was well worth it, and would make a trip out for their baked goods again.


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