Zumbo’s Just Dessert: Fantasy Dessert

Dessert is supposed to be just a sweet treat, but what if someone could change that treat into a work of art? Would you eat it? I think I would.

On Netflix, there is a wonderful cooking competition show called Zumbo’s Just Dessert. In this show art meets food. In Zumbo’s factory, contestants from Australia and New Zealand try to impress dessert chefs Rachel Khoo and the man himself, Zumbo. Each episode is themed around a dessert fantasy challenge if the contestant doesn’t impress they will have to recreate one of Zumbo’s creations. His creations are out of this world, and I can’t believe that some home cook is trying to recreate his crazy desserts. Did I mention this was timed? I don’t think I could pull off what these cooks try to do.

I love the introduction to new flavors and ideas for desserts. I also love seeing the imagination of the creators. I also love the general up beat attitude of the contestants so it keeps the show clean without the trash talking. It also has elements of intensity which helps draw you into the show and actions. It is really awesome to watch. You won’t be disappointed and may find your sweet tooth craving a bite out of this show.

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