The Mona Lisa: Stuff You Should Know

The Mona Lisa is one of the most famous paintings in the world. She was created by the master, Leonardo Da Vinci. I say this painting in person in 2017 when I visited Paris. She was a beautiful lady with a true representation of Da Vinci’s style. However, you can’t help but wonder several things while staring at Mona Lisa.

Questions like who was she and why is this painting more famous than the others? Thankful the guys at Stuff You Should Know decide to answer those questions. If you are not familiar with this podcast, these two guys are great to listen to. Each episode of their show covers a random topic, kind of like this blog, and dive into what they think you should know about this topic. One of the episodes is solely about the Mona Lisa, and I loved it. It is short and sweet. The ad breaks are minimal and the host manage to keep the giggles down to a minimum.

So why not spend a few minutes to learn more about this lovely lady?

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