Learning About A Death-Row Detective

I have lived in Texas for most of life. Texas has prided itself on a strict conservative values. When it comes to justice system that can mean harsh punishments. In the state of Texas, a guilty man can be sentenced to death. Texas is not the only state in the United States, but it is important to the the setting of this story. In a recent episode on the Economist, they did a special feature on a private detective responsible for helping overturn death penalty cases in Texas. With the title of Lifesaver, you know it was going to be an interesting story.

The private detective that greets you is a little bit of a surly man that cuts through the idle chatter. He is a part of the last resources a desperate man might reach out to. He will hunt down leads and locate evidence even if years later. He explains how many cases he helps overturns. Here is a hint: it is more than you think. Persecutors and criminals alike hire him to make sure justice was correctly carried out. He is well respected. He reminisces about the first case from death row that he worked. He talks about the importance of his work to not only the inmates he helps, but for himself.

The episode is shocking. It is eye opening. The interview will captivate you, which is why I highly recommend listening to this podcast today!

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