The Great American Baking Show: Holiday Edition

If you have followed me over the past year, then you know I love the show The Great British Baking Show. So, it would come as no surprise that I recently binged the American holiday version called The Great American Baking Show that was produced by ABC. And it was amazing!

In this version, the American competitors go across the pond to Great Britain. Once there, they compete for several weeks in themed baking competitions with one person being crown by the judges as Star Baker and the other must leave the tent. In the finale, only one will be presented with the coveted cake stand that labels them as winner.

It is full of fun and tasty creations. Who doesn’t love a good baked good? The people competing are colorful and full of life. The host are not Noel and Sandy but are just as fun and happy go lucky. Paul’s newest counter part, Sherry, is just as critically acclaimed and she is an American! She freely plays off the jokes, but still offers the harsh criticism that one would expect of a judge.

However, I think this season is the best produced of the American show so far. The competitors are very talented, and keep up the feel good feels. (Who knew a Brother could bake?) The flavors are out of bounds. The creations are original.  The holidays just ooze from each episode and I love it. The jokes by the host are more on point. Sherry incorporates into the show very well. Don’t believe me then just watch. You won’t be disappointed!

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