Sleep Your Way to Better Health!

It seems like the easiest and obvious way to improve you health in the new year is by making sure you get your sleep. The kind of sleep that leaves you ready to conquer the day. When you can go all day with no naps. Easier said than done. I can’t remember the number of times I have stared at my ceiling late at night trying to figure out why I can’t sleep. Who else is with me? So maybe it is the great first step toward having a healthier in a new year.

Now I turn to my guide to adult-ing, Life Kit. Life Kit is the podcast produced by NPR to give episodes with tips around a topic we struggle with in life. (Remember: Life Kit: Guide to Studying and Happiness in College) So it is no surprise in my hunt for better sleep, I found the episode, How to Fall Asleep. This is a whole episode dedicated to the science of sleep.

So here are the 5 suggestion their expert says you should implement:

1.Get some sunshine!

2. Cut back the caffeine!

3. Incorporate exercise into your routine!

4. Limit your alcohol!

5. Bedroom = No screens!

Easy enough, right? The suggestion are not super complex and are simple. I am not a researcher in this field so I will leave the science and explanation of each suggestion to Life Kit. But, these steps are so easy to implement and try. So, why not do it today? It will move you one step closer to being healthier and happier. I have already started incorporating these steps and feel more rested when I sleep.


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