The Lucky Dog Matchmaking Service

Love can come when you least expect.

It may make you cry or laugh.

Love can open doors.

It can help you move on.

Love is powerful, and maybe that is why romance books are so popular. If you love romance books, might I suggest The Lucky Dog Matchmaking Service by Beth Kendrick.

This story is about Lara Madigan and her gift. She has a gift of helping people find their canine soul mate. However, this doesn’t make her an expert at finding her human soul mate. She is a dog trainer with a soft spot for lost causes, and now newly single has to move in with her mother. What a potentially horrifying thought. Now she has to manage the new demands for her business within her mother’s community, finding a new place, and finding love all at the same time.  Will Lara find her soulmate, canine and human, in the end?

The only way you are going to find out though is to read this fantastic tale. It is a great read for the start of the new year. It is light hearted. It is an easy read. Lara Madigan is relate to many dog moms. She stands her ground and arms herself with her wit when it comes to her clients. Her client is a strange menagerie of characters that seem to be all eccentric, rich, and almost comedic. At some point, you sympathize with the dog vs. the owners. You don’t know which chaotic event will come next. I call this the perfect Sunday read while curled up under blankets.

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