Brief : Say More with Less

As a blogger, writer, and marketer, my goal is to always make an impact. But how can one make an impact with the less words? Joseph McCormack decided to address this in his book, Brief. He wanted to explore making a bigger impact in our over sensitized world. We are constant assaulted by numerous distractions from our phones to life events. He says the key is to say less.

If we focus our words on central ideas and thoughts, we can get stuff done more easily and readily. Meetings in the office could be shorter. Emails can be just one or two lines. It also explains why his book is so much smaller compared to other marketing books I have read. This makes his book an easy read for anyone. The little focus boxes to highlight ideas, and drawings give a break from the dry learning so it can be less strenuous for readers. He made several good tips that any professional can implement such as writing three main ideas for a meeting so you can refocus the meeting back on them when needed. Executives and bosses will appreciate it.

However, if you are not a professional business person or in marketing, I find the suggestions listed hard to implement to everyday life if the office is not your work place. I will try to implement them anyway since his suggestions made a lot of logical sense. Who wouldn’t want to have a bigger impact with less work/words?

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