Escape Rooms HQ: Solve the Puzzle and Beat the Clock!

Escape Rooms have popped up all over the country. Some are very scary. Others are all about the mystery and puzzles. I was intrigued by the idea of trying to solve a series of puzzles that surround a particular theme. It had to be a great way to spend an afternoon and better than watching TV. So during the break when we were all looking for something to do, a group of my friends and me went to Escape Rooms HQ in Lewisville, Texas.

Escape Rooms HQ has 4 themed rooms that range from criminal investigation to Nuclear Shuttle. We went with the Nuclear Shuttle. The room has puzzles all over the bunker as you try to be beat the hour clock in order to succeed in the mission of disarming the nuclear bomb. The puzzles were complex. Some were easy as finding a key. Others were hard like playing Chess. Since we were a small group, we teamed up with another small group of players since rooms can hold 10+ people. It was fun playing with people we didn’t know, because it forced communication and team work that worked to our ability.

Our game master monitored our progress via cameras and when asked could offer clues to puzzles we were stumped on. We were so close to being on the leaderboard by 10 minutes. It had us jazzed up the rest of the day.

If you bored, need a team building activity, or enjoy puzzles then I suggest trying Escape Rooms HQ today!

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