Flower Child: Healthy And Tasty Food

If you are like me, healthy restaurants makes you think of inconvenient and possibly not tasty.  I am happy to say Flower Child is different.

My friend took me here one afternoon while I was visiting her in Addison. The place was bubbling with life. Everyone was digging into colorful and delicious smelling dishes. They had options for every dietary restriction on there clean simple menu. I personally went with the Teriyaki Shrimp and Avocado Bowl. My friend choose Thai Dye Wrap. Both dishes were full of flavor, and filled us with veggies that we were not missing the extra carbs. I loved the sauce on mine and licked my bowl clean. The wrap was nice and spicy to combat the nippy winter air. I had a nice cup of tea that warmed me while kick starting my caffeine deprived body that afternoon since I was missing my usually can of Diet Coke. My friend decided to go with their Kombucha on tap. (Not a fan but she loves the stuff.)

At Flower Child, you can order online to pick up in store or find any table inside. It is everything a healthy restaurant could be and you will want every restaurant to be afterwards.

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