Pecan Lodge: The Best BBQ Ever

I am a BBQ snob. It may have to do with growing up in Texas, but I think it more has to do with being a foodie. It is hard to impress with me with subpar BBQ so when I say that this is the best BBQ ever, you can trust my words. Now if you have never heard of Pecan Lodge then I feel sorry for you. It has been in D magazines top 50 restaurants for many years, featured on Food Network, Dallas local legend, and much more. It proudly displays each accomplishment along the walls of the waiting area.

If the weather is good, and even when it is bad, the line to grab your BBQ is out the doors of Pecan Lodge. The smell drifts out the doors from the smokers and perfumes your clothes. My mouth waters every time and my stomach grumbles half way through the line. The chalk board list all the specials and regular items of the day, and one has to pray for that their order has not been marked off the board yet before they reach the cashier.

I suggest going with Pulled Pork (my favorite) and Brisket (Texas staple). The smoked meats are the important item on the menu so don’t worry about sides too much. An unusual find in a BBQ joint but perfectly Texan in its style is the pork tamales. It is a great example of Texas fused with Mexican food.

Then get ready for your feast! Cause feast you will. The tables have extra sauce and is the holy grail to making the dish super yummy. The smoke is prevalent. The Meat is succulent. This is BBQ paradise. Now why haven’t you gotten here yet? The best meal ever is waiting for you and you are sitting there? Go! Now! Eat this BBQ of dreams.

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