Perc Coffeehouse

I am always a fan of cute coffeehouses. I especially love local business that carry my addiction. (Not that Starbucks wouldn’t do in a pinch) I had seen people raving about this coffeehouse in Old Town Lewisville, Texas. It is right off of Main Street. It is packed with vintage signs and comfy chairs. The back patio is beyond cute. If you need a new paradise, then I suggest trying this place! It is called Perc Coffeehouse. (And I haven’t even talked about the drinks yet!)

Walking into the place, you are greeted by some of the friendliest people you will meet. The quickly call out a quick hello and are willing to help you with any questions you would have. The cute blackboard had all the variations written out in pretty clean print with holiday specials on the counter for the more adventurous folk. The dessert display looked fantastic but I stayed away since I was trying to be good. Instead I went with my cup of ‘poison’.

I am a sucker for chai tea. The spice kick and warmth in your belly is exactly what I look for in my cup of addiction. When they handed my freshly brewed chai tea, I was happy. The spicy aroma wafted in the air, and the heat seeped out of the cup to defrost winter’s touch from my shoulders. I took a seat in one of the comfy lounge chairs while enjoying my cup in peace while watching the customers come and go. Each table was filled with smiles and laughter. Even the table of laptop carrying students were smiling while working on finals. It was amazing to see the magic of the place. A little piece of paradise made of café chic and coffee.

I only wished all of my readers could have been there with me to see this place and enjoy a sip of coffee with me. I would have loved meeting you. However, even if I am not there, I hope you stop by Perc Coffeehouse and get yourself a treat.

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