Clue on The Big Screen: “Knives Out”

I recently went to the movies with family looking to spend a relaxing afternoon inside instead of in the cold outdoors. We select “Knives Out” with Daniel Craig to watch as we are all big Daniel Craig fans. (He will always be my favorite Bond.) And we were not disappointed! If you aren’t familiar with the synopsis then quickly click here to watch the trailer.

Watched it? Good now we can discuss why you need to see it while the movie is in theaters.

1. The cast is full of amazing actors/actresses that are very talented and portray their characters accurately.

2. It is like a game of Clue. You have to figure who did it, the murder weapon, and why.

3. Daniel Craig with a southern accent makes me laugh. He sounds like an old gentleman from the South in years past. As someone that has lived in the south, it sounds funny the way he portrays a southern accent.

4. The recluse Billionaire is always eccentric. He is over the top and full of mystery.

5. Do you think you can solve the case? This is after all a mystery.

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