Snippety Snap: Just Like That!

This year I got to meet two amazing women, Courtney Haun and Olivia Cook. They were attending the amazing Go for the Greens conference as well. They have developed this amazing company that tries to make your life easier and better. Want to guess what their company is?

Screen Shot 2019-12-05 at 3.34.46 PM.png


Let me introduce Snippety Snap! Snippety Snaps wants to help inspire discovery, one photo at a time by having users capture the most optimal photo though their Snippety Snap Stand and mobile application.

“As people and a company, we are two dynamic, resilient, strong, and determined individuals who believe in all things good, are passionate and committed to the advancement of technology and diversity. As two women who co-founded a company from scratch, we get a firsthand experience of the amount of effort it takes to advance in a culturally and gender dominated atmosphere. However, we are devoted to being thought leaders in our industry to positively impact the world and create a more engaged community while doing so.”

– Olivia Cook

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Snippety Snap began as an idea for a solution to a problem. Since then, they have successfully developed, built, and sold Snippety Snap Stands. We have also developed our Snippety Snap App that has hundreds of users. It is truly amazing to look back on the progression over the past year and see how much the business has changed and grown. Our initial prototypes for the Snippety Snap Stand and App are significantly different compared to our current models and continue to be developed along the way.

Their company is first to market as a public camera phone stand and integrated mobile application. Another interesting facet of Snippety Snap is the user base. Unlike a typical target market, their market is centered around anyone and everyone who loves to take photos at memorable locations. The physical Snippety Snap Stand and the technology piece with the Snippety Snap App is the icing on the cake. Users love the interface because it is interesting and different.

Screen Shot 2019-12-05 at 3.43.01 PM
The most impressive thing for me is the community they have built around their company. The mobile application also builds a community around it through the ability to share with friends or other social media sites, photo filters, the 25 second timer, and to take the user to other Snippety Snap Stand locations. Together, the stand and app are perfect for sporting events, meetings, weddings, parties, amusement parks, and galas, which all play a vital role in helping them continue to build community Snippety Snap’s mission.
However, Snippety Snap is more than just a business growing. Olivia and Courtney are growing with it too.
Screen Shot 2019-12-05 at 3.41.55 PM.png

“Through the course of this business venture, we have grown in a variety of ways. Our professional skills have been sharpened, we have grown as leaders, and developed our interpersonal skills further. An example of a professional skill that has been sharpened is our presentation and communication skills. We have practiced perfecting our business pitch and competing on stage at multiple pitch competitions. Through leading over 10 student interns, we have grown as leaders. And, through the collaboration dynamic of the business, our interpersonal collaboration skills have improved and grown tremendously. Although many other examples could be illuminated, this gives a glimpse into our growth with this company.”

– Courtney Haun

Screen Shot 2019-12-05 at 3.42.14 PM.png
They can see Snippety Snap at the international platform. Imagine Snippety Snap Stands available at the best photo locations around the globe and the Snippety Snap App on every smartphone users device. That is the future that Courtney and Olivia see for Snippety Snap. Just Like That!


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