World Literature: Discovering The World of Books

Literature is  the stories created or told by authors. The authors bring the readers into their world and ask us questions about our existence that we would otherwise would not ask. They create beloved characters that became icons. So it comes as no surprise to me that for my philosophy credit at The University of Texas at Dallas, I was able to take Introduction to World Literature.

Introduction to World Literature allowed me to fall in love with reading again. I am not saying I loved every story or every character. However, I was able to be introduce from literature across the world. The class mostly focused on short stories so we could cover more styles of writing. Many of the authors we studied gained notoriety and won international titles for their work. Remember my articles about The Kite Runner and Wit? We covered these works in class as well.

We covered ideas like life and death within the metaphors presented. We discussed the representation of women throughout history as told through the narration of protagonists. We discussed at length the values of humanity. We talked about the impact of empathy. This class was so much better than a stuffy lecture with a professor only teaching philosophy vs. letting you participate in the discussions of humanity. Socrates and Aristotle did not create their ideas within a classroom. They did it by interacting with life and society. They learned the world with books so why wouldn’t we as college students learn philosophy this way? Introduction to World Literature was my favorite course this semester and I am sad to leave it this coming semester. I highly recommend this course if you attend the University of Texas at Dallas.

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