Murder Maps: The Darker Side of Britain

Jack the Ripper is famous for terrorizing the streets of London. However, there is more than one famous killer from the United Kingdom. It seems like every neighborhood or county has a famous killing, and Murder Maps proves it!

Murder Maps dives into each borough in order to cover the mysteries that hid there. Each episode is narrated by Nicholas Day as he guides the viewer through the background of each case. But this is where his true story telling arts come to life…

He reveals the lives of victims, murders, and police men alike pre murder. He shows how they changed with the events of the past before taking on a chase for the capture of the killer. See the evolution of forensic science like we did in Cold Case Files: Justice Found Years Later. Watch the killers either accept or fight their fates. It is like a compelling cat and mouse game played in the setting of the past, but still rings with some morbid fascination for us. I couldn’t stop binge watching it on Netflix!

I wonder why murder and the darker side of things are the fascination of regular people. I am normal by many standards by I can’t help but be fascinated by the fall of men and women into criminals. I think it is all about trying to answer the eternal question of nature vs. nurture of humans along with the need to seek justice. What do you think?

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