God Needs No Passport: Religion and Globalization

Spirituality is consider a corner stone of humanity. How we express that spirituality may fall under the organized categories of religion. As the borders between each country and culture blur, how the world thinks of religion has changed with it. The world has become fractured along the lines of our difference but we come together over our similarities. Peggy Levitt explores this in her book, “God Needs No Passport“.

She examines the life of several immigrants in America and how they blend the cultures of their two homes. The close ties each has to the home country from which they came from despite the new home they set up in America was amazing. It also showed how little borders matter with the push for globalization. However in the news feeds, we can find a rise of nationalism that has sprung about. Levitt address this within the pages of her book. She the categorizes way Americans and religious global citizens connect with the world.

I read this book for my college course in religion in global society, and highly recommend this book to anyone who doubts the connection one shares with the world. (That is pointed at the US President!) It is my professor’s favorite book for a reason! We are all part of this amazing world. Religion is a cornerstone of our beliefs so it makes sense that globalization has changed the way we should categorize religion.

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