The Kite Runner: Perspective of Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a place many of us talk about in relation to the world news, but not many know the sight and sounds of the land. I have never seen Afghanistan outside the images plastered on the TV. I can’t help but wonder how the land is like for the people you live or have lived. Someone recommended reading the Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. I remember this book being on the must read list several years ago but just now have finished reading it. And let me tell you…. IT WAS FANTASTIC!

I could not put it down and finished it in 2 weeks. It pulled at my heart strings. I think I physically cried at one. I smiled at the sweet moments between Amir and his wife. I learned about the culture of Afghanistan that I wasn’t exposed to. I learned about the racism that was prevalent. I learned about the dangerous passages refugees had to use to flee. I watch Amir struggle against governments and lawyers to gain passageway for his nephew. When I finally read the last line, “I ran”. I wanted to go back to page one already. I loved Hassan. I wanted to hug Amir to fix the holes in his heart he felt. . I didn’t want to forget Hassan, Amir, or their story. I wanted to remember the Afghanistan that is no longer there. I wanted to keep picturing the pomegranate tree that read Amir and Hassan, Sultans of Kabul. It may seem silly, but it was truly how I felt.

If you want a book that you will go back to over and over again or possibly find the one book that may change your life then I suggest reading the Kite Runner. You won’t be disappointed.

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