Go For The Greens: Building The Women of Tomorrow

In September, I went to Orlando to meet some of the most amazing leaders in the world. I had just gotten my acceptance a few weeks before and I couldn’t wait. (My bag may have been prepacked.) I was one of the few young women accepted by the Go for the Greens Foundation to listen and speak with amazing leaders. Leaders who can inspire me in my future journey in life.

go for the greens group shot

If you haven’t heard of  Go for the Greens before, it is not surprising since it is a small program that only few have the opportunity to learn about. The Go for the Greens Mentorship Program is for women from high school or college to gain a mentorship experience with inspiring women. The program is designed to help young women recognize their leadership qualities and inspire them to dream big and focus on the next steps to realizing their potential.

go for the greens speaker

The amazing program was full of wise speakers like Sam Terrell, Victoria Brantley, and Vernice Armour who shared advice on dealing with failure, pursuing opportunities, and how to dress for the job. Disney representatives Beth Merrick and John Stephenson taught mentees how to ace an interview. A panel of women leaders helped girls realize the amazing opportunities that are out there for them to pursue.

I learned so much from all the different events held by Go for the Greens. Don’t just take my word for it. Look at these comments from other mentees who attended.

go for the greens girls2

“The program is one of a kind. From the friendships you create to the empowering speakers that you hear. As someone who attended for two years, I can say that the results have been extraordinary. I have been able to achieve things such as securing an internship and graduating top of my class. I owe a lot of credit to the program for instilling a new confidence and hope for the future in me. It’s always an incredible experience coming back.”

– Jasmin Alanis

go for the greens girls1

“I really enjoyed Go for the Greens this year, I had a great time listening to the speakers and making new friends and I hope to come next year!”

– Marisa Machado

go for the greens girls3

“My biggest take away from the conference is I can be whatever I want to be I just have to work hard for it and learn from my mistakes.”

– Ruhama Senetshay

go for the greens girls4

“My biggest take away from this conference is not to be afraid to try new things and to be gutsy.”

– Gianna Machado

go for the greens girls5

“My biggest takeaway from the program is to be prepared for the world and as a woman there are challenges to overcome to become successful.”

– Bella Urena

Go for the Greens enriched all of our lives by giving us the opportunity to collect the wisdom presented before us. We, the mentees and women of tomorrow, are now able to go out and see the opportunities before us. Our future has forever been changed by this one conference. We can dream and be anything we want. We have the tools to move forward no matter the circumstances. We are now a part of a network of future moving women who shall have an advantage of seeing what we can be. Knowing what we can be.

If you would like to support Go for the Greens and its mission of supporting women from high school or college to gain a mentorship experience with inspiring women then please check out the foundation’s site here.

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