Pet First Aid: Saving Your Friend

All across the world, we live with our pets in our homes. They are family, but how do we help protect our furry family members? They come with us everywhere. They get themselves in trouble. Then what are we suppose to do when they get hurt and we are dealing with a first aid situation with your dog or cat?

As I get more competitive in dog agility, I realized the importance of knowing doggy first aide. I even recognized it would be good to know if I could address a problem if something happened while I was volunteering with the local humane society. (Never has an event occurred, but it is best to be prepared.) To help with this need to learn pet first aide, What A Great Dog! offered a lecture with Arden Moore, pet first aide expert, through their facilities.

Arden Moore is an expert in the field of pet behavior, and helps teach professionals and owners first aid for our furry friends. She has two very sweet assistants, Kona (dog) and Casey (cat). They allow her to teach in a hands on manner so learners can see and practice the training exercises they are receiving. I think the most helpful part of the class was the explaining how to use the tools in treating injuries, and how to do a health check. She also gave us tips on how to macgyver tools for where ever an injury may occur. She showed us how to make a make shift muzzle to prevent biting if a dog is seriously hurt. She showed us how to handle overheating, which is common in Texas.

Do you know how to give Doggy CPR? I didn’t. She taught me all the tools I think I would ever need to know. I am so thankful to have taken her course and can now avoid not knowing what to do in an emergency. Not knowing what to do is what I think is every pet owners worst nightmare. She made us laugh. She told jokes. Kona was a ham. So why wouldn’t you take one of these first aide courses? It could help you and your furry friend.

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