Confessions of a Popaholic: Dr. Pimple Popper

So I have to make a confession …

I am a self diagnosed Popaholic.


A popaholic is someone who gets pleasure from the removal of acne, cyst, and other items from under the skin. Sounds gross if you are not one but if you are I have to let you know that you are not alone. I got hooked on extraction videos from Dr. Pimple Popper when she became a Youtuber. Now you can find several accounts that specializes in extraction, but Dr. Pimple Popper is my go to.  I think I keep going back to her account because she is a professional doctor so her treatments are medically certified and she is very sweet to her patients. So no one is hurt in the making of the videos.

I think it is interesting that other self proclaimed popaholics find these videos satisfying for a very basic reason. The basic reason for the fandom is that the videos is that the videos give the viewer a cleansing feeling. The closest thing I can relate it to is removing a nose strip with all the blackheads attached to it and seeing all the gunk come out. It leaves you feeling clean and satisfied, because all the gunk is gone. You can’t help but feel clean and refreshed.

Another reason for the popularity is because her videos break down complex treatments into something the public can understand. For example, my friend K is at med school (if you are reading this between lectures, hope your midterms are going well!) can use these videos can help her understand her classroom material better. Or if you are like me and an everyday citizen then it can show you when you need to seek medical advice, what your treatment options are, and not to be embarrassed by your condition. I think the last one is important because I fought going to the dermatologist for treating my severe acne despite my embarrassment of it due to a horrible doctor experience. It took years before my skin cleared up and I got the help I needed. However, it is nice to know that I was not alone in suffering from  severe hormonal acne that ravaged my face.

So who else is a popaholic and why are you addicted to popping?

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