NaNoWriMo: Writing Your Story!

Most high schoolers either dread English class or love it. I was part of the dreaded group and I know I was not alone. The funny thing was I loved to read books and write creative stories. I just needed … the right push. Thanks To Mr. K from my senior year at high school I got to participate in an amazing program that helps young writers. It is called NaNoWriMo.

National Novel Writing Month is in November every year. It encourages young writers to complete their creative writing project by participating in an online community event. You can easily sign up to participate. You receive encouraging emails from the team as well as updates on milestones completed.  You can see past work from past participants and see other people who are participating in the event this year. I think the best part is that it starts at the beginning of the month and ends at the end of November. It breaks down the writing process into completing based on your personal goals.

When I participated in this event, I was excited at the prospect of sharing my imagination and creation of fantasy. It gave me the bug to pursue my writing passion in the form of poetry and short stories. Nothing published outside this blog but maybe one day.

I know this program is aimed at young writers from K-12 or under 18 but I think it can help writers from any age create their masterpieces with achievable goals, motivation, assistance, and milestone tracking. So if you are inspiring writing or need the push to write like you want to then write during National Novel Writing Month and complete your story. If you do end up completing your project, I would love to be one of your first readers and just maybe your work may find it’s way on one of my postings.

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