Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Doing More Than Policy Action

October is domestic violence awareness month. Recently the podcast at my university, PEP Talk, covered a local organization that assist those that are affected by domestic violence. They talked about how in the year 1994 that efforts were made to help prevent violence against women. Funding was made available and nonprofits were able to expand their operations. However, many still face the crisis of domestic violence. Examples of this crisis can be found in the Me Too movement that spread across the world.

It affects victims physically, psychology, and financially. It affects men, women, and children. This issue can be found in any city in the US or the world. It is a vicious cycle that is difficult to escape and the assistance of these nonprofit programs are needed to assist the victims. I used to assist one of these organizations that support victims for about 3 years. I saw how much donations, volunteers, and support helped the program expanded so they could take in more affected victims.

At times it seemed like we discovered more and more current or past victims. Victims who could only to come forward to someone who has either been through or someone who understands the impact of the violence. It shouldn’t be so hard for victims to seek help or hide their pain from the world. That is why I decided to share this podcast with you and encourage you to support programs in your area. You can support the cause by donating money, household items, volunteering at a shelter, or helping a victim seek help.

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