Life Kit: Guide to Studying and Happiness in College

College is a transitional phase most go through in their life. However, it is a constant juggling act. You have to balance your personal life with school and work. It can be very stressful. I often makes one say, “I can’t adult today” meaning that they are struggle to reach the real world expectations they carry around. Guess what? You are not alone. I have muttered these grumblings occasionally too. It is ok to feel like this. But if you are like me and seek shortcuts and tips on how to make things a little easier or how to understand them better I think I may have found the solution for you.

It is this series called Life Kit by NPR that has been my daily addiction during  my commute recently. They wrote one hour episode that focused on the How To Do Well In College! So I happily sat down and listened to the cheats for college that NPR had to share. Now I have heard some of these tips before when I researched The Cheat Sheet to Acing College or How To Become A Straight-A Student so I was wanting some new or better hacks for the average college student like me.

I like the short quick bullet points that they had written up along with the explanation so if you don’t have time to read everything you can just quick scan to the bullet points for each main point covered in the talk. For example, college is full of note taking so it makes sense that the first tip is in regards to note taking. I personally had my hand cramped up once from writing so many notes in a day and it really hurt! However, their quick bullets on notes is to listen to the words being said (professors usually drop hints), watch as they teach, look at how they categories materials, and laptop or written notes need to only key information. Good tips, right?

There are other amazing tips on keeping healthy, organized, and studying. I don’t want to ruin this nugget of gold but YOU SHOULD READ THIS IF YOU ARE A COLLEGE STUDENT! The tips listed are amazing and so simple to apply. I personally use some of these tips to help me so I know these can help you. It is way shorter than How to Become A Straight-A Student and is more focused on the general tips vs. situational like in the book.  So if you can’t decide between starting the book or listening to Life Kit then I suggest starting with LifeKit. It is short and sweet with effective tips. Plus, you can listen to it commuting or exercising. So get ready to do better and start improving college for you today!

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