Hack Your Life: Staying calm when you know you will be stressed

As I get ready for midterms at college and upcoming job interviews, I can’t help but feel the stress. We can’t ignore the fact at some point in our lives we have felt the grip of stress pressing upon us. It can tear you up inside if you aren’t prepared to handle that stress. Science has proven stress can cause bodily harm so what should we do about it. So I decided to research a hack. A hack that would address when we know stress will be coming into our lives.

Daniel Levitin present his findings on staying calm when you expect stress at TED Talk or you can be like me and watch it online. He starts off by telling his own hilarious tale of breaking into his house and going through the endless cycle of mistakes he made on the way to his flight. It normalize the failures we will experience and display how stress can affect us. So here are his few hacks to help us deal with expected stress in order to minimize the problem.

Daniel’s Hack For Stress:

  1. Designate a place in your home for easily lost things
  2. Take pictures of important documents before travel
  3. Recognize when you are under stress
  4. If you need to make a decision, make a rationale assessment of facts
  5. Think of questions you will have before hand

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