10 Reasons to Binge NCIS This Weekend

I love a good crime/cop show. Who doesn’t? But there are many different cop shows out there. However, there is one show that I keep going back to because it is one of the best cop shows out there. What show is it? Good question. It is NCIS: Navy Criminal Investigative Service. If you have no idea what I am talking about, then I suggest reading on to see why you should binge NCIS.

1. Crime never gets old


Criminals keep evolving and the crimes they commit is unlike the last one featured on this show.

2. The Funny One-liners


It seems like every episode is filled with punchy lines that perfectly fit each person and breaks up the doom and gloom of crime.

3. The head slaps


If you misstep or annoy Gibbs, head slaps are what you can expect.

4. Happiest Goth You Will Ever Meet, Abby


Abby is adorable and cute. She knows how to win over the grumpiest men and women. She believes in the goodness of humanity and the unexplainable. She is bad ass in her own right.

5. The team of NCIS!


The characters that make up the team of NCIS are all unique in their own right. No one is the same as the next and all bring something to the table.

6. Every type of criminal


The criminals are just as unique as the team that pursues them.

7. The evolution of the story continues


The story continues to evolve and add new flavors as the story grows.

8. 17 Seasons!


There are 17 seasons to watch with over 20 episodes in each season. So plenty to binge and absorb!

9. Gibbs, our fearless leader


I mean look at that smile. It can make any woman or man trip over their feet.

10. Always remember the rules!


The rules may just help you solve a murder or save your life, so you better remember them.

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