Decoding Your Dog: Understanding Man’s Best Friend

Dog have grown beside man over a millennium. Our evolution and  their evolution are closely tied together. However, we lack some simple understanding. Now, I include myself in the circle of those that sometimes doesn’t understand what my dog is feeling or saying. I even volunteer with a humane society and still have the occasional misunderstanding between me and the dog I am working with. (It is easier to misunderstand a dog that you don’t know very well than one you do.) So how can man understand dog better?

It is not like they will be able to speak the human language anytime soon so it is up to man to close the gap. The American College of Veterinary Behaviorist decided to help pet parents and the common public alike in Decoding Your Dog. I love this book for several reasons and I think you will love it too for 5 simple reasons.


5 Simple Reasons to Read Decoding Your Dog

  1. It is written in simple language. This makes the chapters easy to read and understand.
  2. Quick tips for you to use. I love the quick tips that are offered at the end of each chapter that you can use when addressing your problems with your companion.
  3. The stories of clients are funny, relatable, and break up the heavy text.
  4. You can watch the Ted Talk that follows the book. Barbara Sherman is very charming and funny speaker which helps make something that can be very dry – body language cues – into a more dynamic presentation and lesson.
  5. A bad dog could just be misunderstood. The book makes it seem like any behavior problem can be addressed with time and patience. The authors clarify that sometimes we do need help with addressing an issue but there are a few techniques we can try to clear our misunderstandings.

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