Hack Your Exercise The Easy Way! – Tip for Better Living

Exercising seems like a love or hate thing. But does it have to be? Is there a hack for making exercising easier? I have to admit that I have my own love/hate relationship with my local gym. I hate using the weights but love doing the exercise class. Well Emily Balectis has news for you! If you change your vision then you have the possibility of exercising becoming easier for you. How? I will let her explain.

Emily Balcetis presented this idea at TED Talk in Why some people find exercise harder than others?. She talked about how we view the world can affect everything around us. If you are having a bad day then the entire world can seem gloomy and irritable. If you are having a good day then the world can seem happier and brighter. So with this in mind how can one harness the power of vision to make exercise easier. If you picture exercise with positive associations and emotions, you will soon find it easier and easier to exercise. I think I may have to try this hack the next time at the gym and see if my weekly workouts change.

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