Anthropomorphic: We Feel Like Animals?

Who in the world believes that animals are able to understand us? And not with limited speech commands, but on an emotional or deeper level. We see videos of animals mourning the loss of a beloved trainer or friend. They become attached to certain items that carry value to them. I even have moments where I think my little 10 pound dog is a doggy psychic cause she comes and cuddles me when I am upset at a show or locates her human friends that she misses in a group of people. So can Belle feel human emotions or have human like traits?

How many of you have heard of the word anthropomorphic before? Nope? It means an inhuman object having human emotions or traits. Many scientist have started drawing lines between humans and our animal counterpart. These connections are revealed in TED Talk Radio Hour’s Anthropomorphic. They discover that whales grieve over the loss of a loved one. Dolphins can develop series of languages to communicate with each other and others. The leadership qualities we seek from mentors can be found in alpha chimpanzee. Amazing, right?

But can these anthropomorphic qualities help reveal new information about ourselves and our environment? I think it does. Animals are able to connect with us, and transfer our emotions transparently through each other. When you start recognize animals as human-like we can’t help but feel more connected to them and the world. It also changes the way we define what being human means. If our emotions and thinking power doesn’t define us then what does? Listen to TED Talk Radio Hour’s Anthropomorphic today to discover this and more.

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