My Go-To Travel Necessities: Carry-on Edition

As I get to ready for traveling this fall, there is one list I use as my the first things that go into my carry-on bag. My carry-on bag is the first thing I always pack because if anything happens to my suitcase that I store under the plane I will have to live out of my carry-on until I can either purchase new items or my suitcase arrives. So here is my list of travel necessities in my carry-on bag:

  1. 2 Back-up Batteries for Phone

  2. Chargers for ALL Electronics You Are Bringing

  3. Laptop

  4. Snacks 

  5. Medium Blanket or Jacket

  6. Refillable Water Bottle

  7. Liquid Toiletries In A Travel Bag

  8. Medicine

  9. Headphones

  10. Phone

  11. Journal or Book

  12. Travel Documents – Maps, Hotel Reservation, etc.

  13. Spare Clothes: Only one outfit since this is for emergency only

  14. Hairbrush

  15. Toothbrush


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