Woman’s Social Club: Not Your Normal Club

If you open up any history book in America, what do you see dominate the pages? It is photos and listings of white men that ‘shaped’ our present environment, but there is a group of people missing from the history line. It is WOMEN! I know the women in my family were innovators and forces of change, but their efforts can often go over looked. It makes you wonder how many women are left from the story line simply because they weren’t born male. Well, one woman’s organization decided to start telling the stories of how women changed history.


It is called No Man’s Land by The Wing. It is all about the women who were too bad ass. You already intrigued aren’t you? The first episode that I listened to was Woman’s Social Club and I think that it really is the episode you should start with.

How many of you know what a women’s social club is? A women’s social club is an organization for women to get together and bond. They hold many different activities and give women a way to converse and share ideas. Why? Well … once upon a time in America’s history women were dismissed from men’s social clubs. One example of this is Charles Dickson banning women from a meeting of the minds he was hosting. So some very clever women got together and formed the first social club in response to this masculine entity they faced. And guess what … it blossomed from there. Clubs started popping up all over the country and became forces in promoting women that stood by each other and bonded over shared experiences.

However, they became less prevalent after the success of the women’s suffrage movement. But today women’s social clubs are becoming the strong forces once again. Women are using their social clubs to organize efforts to fight social justices and create political movements. Remember the Women’s March that descended onto Washington D.C in 2018? Women’s Social Clubs helped take members to that national event and marched as a group so their larger voice could reach Washington.

Who could imagine that something called a social club could be something more than a back room social hour? Women’s social club have become a political powerhouse and meeting space for women. You can practically find them in every city in the nation, just google it and find one that fits you best. But I wouldn’t have found these social clubs without No Man’s Land by The Wing.

Sadly, this podcast isn’t currently being produced and I think this is a missed opportunity. There are tons of women written off of in the history books and their stories need to be told. These stories of the past that these women are apart of matter because they shape the future of today. And since they have helped improve our world, I believe now is the time to tell their stories.

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