Letter to Our Patriots

September 11 is a day marked in history by the horror we witnessed of the twin towers falling in New York City, but this September 11 I wanted to focus on an unsung holiday called Patriot Day. A holiday that should be celebrated with more valor, but mass media solely focused on the terror incident of 2001. So let me start by defining what makes a patriot.

A patriot is a person  supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies. Men and women give up their lives and leave behind their family for months at a time to serve . They uphold the ideals of our country and serve as the protection against those who which us harm. They live often times off the little paychecks they receive for their time served. They are not thanked or appreciated often when they pass us, the everyday citizen, by.

Old wounds and horrors plague their minds for war and battle was not meant for the weak hearted. When they are able to leave the fields that they marched along, the system that was set up in order to assist military with the civilian life fails. My family has proudly served for many generation across several branches. I have watched them serve with honor and dignity that only those with a good heart can do. We should treat our patriots like the heroes and defenders they are. So I say it is time that those who serve inside and outside their uniforms are honored this Patriot Day.

How? Well, I make a vow to ask my local and national politicians to do more for the patriots of our country. I will support organizations that aide veterans and their family. The true question is what will you do to honor the patriots in your life?

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