Randy Rainbow: Parody with a Message

In a time of uncertainty and chaos, how can one get a giggle and a laugh? How about taking a few popular songs and creates parodies with today’s events? Well one man took on this challenge. He even has been nominated for an Emmy for the works he created. He has been interviewed on NPR, and other notable news source outlets. Randy Rainbow is a Youtube creator that uses parodies to poke fun of politicians and other popular figures. He is a natural comedic talent. He uses footage from interviews and rallies to create this conversation between himself and the famous figures that he is targeting where they are respond to his sarcastic comments and seething questions.

I personally love his video because they are well made and catchy. I also love the sarcasm and jokes that Randy incorporates in his segments. Some of his favorite targets to tease is Donald Trump, Melanie Trump, and Bill Barr. If you like these people then I would suggest skipping over but if you enjoy a good laugh then you will definitely enjoy his video. I think probably my favorite video is between The Room Where It Happened and Cell Block Tango. It has to do in part with the play on some of my favorite musicals and the lines are well timed. He is so sarcastic and funny in these videos while giving the audience the cues they need to know what is a joke and what isn’t. Tell me what you think and if you are a fan of Randy Rainbow.

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