Why Watch Sugar Rush Today?

I always love competitive cooking shows. Iron Chef? I have every episode memorized. Cake Wars? Masters in the making. Netflix came out with a new version of competitive cooking show. It is called Sugar Rush. The concept of the show is for teams of bakers teams racing against the clock to bake the best-tasting sweets. Any time the can save will compound on to the allowed time for the final challenge. Each episodes is themed around a central idea such as fashion or science. They have two regular judges and one special judge that is knowledgable in the theme. The host helps bakers keep tract of time and progress of each contesting team.

Sugar-Rush-Season-1The creations that these contestants come up with are amazing. The food ranges from cupcakes, nuggets, brownies, and cake towers. The judges describe in great detail the flavor. You can almost imagine tasting these creations your self. Many of the bakers presented are experts in their field and their work shows it. It is all about creativity with these tasty treats. So sit bag and open your bag of popcorn and get ready  for … 3! … 2! …1!


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