Sforesco Castle: Collection of Collectibles

Milan is a beautiful city. It is full of history. A history you can see and feel in every corner. If one doesn’t have time to wander every nook and cranny then might I suggest a sight that is filled to the brim with a collection of collectibles. The Sforesco Castle in Milan was built in the 15th century and rebuilt in 1891.  It now is a popular sightseeing spot for tourist today. The grand size of this sight allows it to be a perfect sight to collect various artifacts from Italian Renaissance that Italy was famous for. They have a large collection of statues, ceramics, murals, and so much more.


The amount of detail in the pieces displayed are so amazing. The eyes and fine lines are created with the softest hand that only a master could do. And guess what? Masters of the art world were hired to create pieces for the castle. Who? Leonardo Di Vinci and Micheal Angelo! These are two very famous artist from the Italian Renaissance that everyone can recognize on sight. There is an entire museum dedicated to each. As a fan of Leonardo Di Vinci more than Micheal Angelo, I enjoyed the series of sketches that they have preserved from Leonardo’s stay at the castle. He helped designed murals and paintings. It is some of the greatest sketches from Leonardo I have ever seen. Just look at the few samples below.


Sforesco Castle is Milan’s biggest secret when it comes to seeing the largest collection of collectibles. Each series of collectibles is categorized into different museum that build different section of the castle. Just be prepared to spend a good half day to day exploring the entire nooks and crannies of each museum inside.

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