Borgo San Jacopo: Michelin Star = Michelin Yum

When a restaurant is awarded a Michelin Star, it is considered one of the greatest achievements it can receive.  Florence is home to a plethora of Michelin Star restaurants. In a city full of high quality restaurants, why wouldn’t you go try one out? So after searching for an opening, we were able to dine at Borgo San Jacopo.


If you look at the photo above, what would you think the red leathery item is? What if I told you that it was watermelon. Yep. The red stuff is watermelon. The texture was more leathery instead of moist chunks. The black pearls added the salty notes to counteract  the sweet flavor of the watermelon. It was the refreshing note to start off great. This dish was presented to us by compliments of the chef.


If you are familiar with my review of Prawn Ravioli from , I wasn’t impressed. I am happy to report that these prawn ravioli are better than the ones from before. The broth in this dish is rich and has a creamy sauce that mixes with the broth to compliment the ravioli perfectly. The prawn filling were not punchy in flavor though. So I liked the more regular cheese ravioli I had at other eateries than the prawn flavor ones.


This is a plate of fresh vegetables. It was clean tasting and refreshing especially with the tomato sorbet.


This was the oyster plate. I personally don’t like oysters so I left the tasting to other party members. It was a combo of textures, and flavors. It had elements of salty, refreshing, and melon-y.


This was one of the main dishes comprised of fried mullet, cheesy foam, and vegetable mash. It was a little salty and an interesting combo of textures. It wasn’t my favorite.


This was the best main we ordered. This was the pork with the crackling skin. It was juicy, and super savory.


This was the lamb that came with a large number of different accompanying flavors. If you love red meat, then you will like this.


Now onto the desserts, and my sweet tooth was ready to sink into something not savory. This dessert was the perfect chocolate delight for my chocaholic addiction. It has hazelnuts, dark chocolate, and notes of expresso.


This was a mango and lime mouse that was the perfect refresher in the summer heat.


Now this was the most innovative dessert I have ever seen. This was their take on the cannoli. The outside roll was like a fruit leather with vanilla filling. The chocolate dessert adds notes to counteract the very raspberry flavor that the leather has along with the soft bubbles over the vanilla ice cream.

At the end of the night, we were ready to be rolled back to our hotel. Our stomaches were full and our tastebuds were happy. After this meal, I can see how Borgo San Jacopo earned a Michelin star. So if you come across a restaurant in Florence that have a Michelin star know that you are probably in for a great meal. If you don’t know of one right away, might I suggest Borgo San Jacopo.

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