Jumpstarting Creativity: What, Why, and How

If I say the word creativity what do you think it means? How does it apply to your life? Do you think that you have creativity? The dictionary says that creativity says “the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work”. I have worked in teaching, marketing, and other such profession that could be considered creative. I love books, drawing, and writing which are creative hobbies. However, I can not tap into my creative talents 24/7. I am only human. With my activities and some of my past jobs involving the need for creativity, I recognized the need for the immediate generation of creativity when you need it. So I had thought to myself, there had to be some way to trigger this power. I think I may have found the answer during my commute while I listened to the TED Radio Hour. They had an episode called Jumpstarting Creativity where people like Tim Harford spoke on how to rekindle and harness it.

We all have the capabilities to use creativity even if you think you are not creative. Just because you don’t pursue the arts doesn’t mean you aren’t creative. If you deal with problem solving, guess what, … YOU DEAL WITH CREATIVITY! You are just using it to find solutions. Shocking? I know. Creativity can be triggered when we come across a barrier or challenge that we have to ponder over. Just think about the trail and error method small children use to discover what fit and go amongst their toys. The tiny circle may not have been meant to go in the hole for the giant square but the kid has decided that it now belongs there. The problem solving nature is not the only way to trigger creativity.

When our minds are engaged in new experience and creating blood flow through our body, our mind lights up like a Christmas tree. Electrons are firing in every direction and rapid rushing around. When we break from the norm, we are able to create new pathways for new ideas to generate. We are able to give our brain a break and teach it to look at the situation from a new angle. It is truly amazing how something as simple as walking could help jumpstart creativity in our brain because it is something new. Another way I think about is like when I am working on a project for work or college, I will sometimes change tasks for several minutes if I become stuck so my brain can look at it from a new angle and use ideas from one area to apply to my project. Albert Einstein did the same thing so why can’t we?

The power of creativity is amazing and give us the ability to be problem solvers, artistic and so much more. But we don’t understand really how to harness and jumpstart creativity. We have started gaining ideas through research and teaching robotics about creativity. However, creativity is an essential part of ourselves that we don’t understand how it works and we need it in our lives. How crazy is that? Now go out and try to jumpstart your creativity in your life.


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