Murano: Island of Glass

Venice has the reputation of being a tourist run city especially in the summer. It seems like every year there is a new news report stating the ongoing battle between Venice and the tourism industry. So when I descended into the city of Venice, I was not surprised to see the throngs of tourist. But where were the locals? It seemed like each cobbled street led to more signs of the tourist industry in Venice. It was starting to feel like the Venetian hotel in Vegas, but a hop, skip, and boat ride away I found my piece of local paradise.

DSC_0343.JPGThe island of Murano is just a short 15 minute boat ride away that is easily reachable by water bus or Vaporetto. The quiet waterways are not jammed with gondolas. The day trippers have magically vanished. The locals slowly wander the streets with their baby strollers and shopping carts. It is these quiet streets that I found myself roaming with blissful ease and wonderment. It felt like I had finally found the true Venice without the tourism overhaul. However, I ended up on the island of Murano for than just an escape from the tourist. The island of Murano is famous for it’s rich history in glass-making.

DSC_0367The art of blowing glass and crafting it into something recognizable is delicate work. There are not many masters of the art and no one can just ‘pick it up’. To truly understand these intricately crafted creations I suggest starting your journey on the island at the Murano Museum. This museum will introduce you to the art of glass blowing but also the techniques developed on Murano over the years. Some of the pieces on display are beyond amazing. They are intricate, colorful, and delicate. Some of the artwork is the size of the ring and others are the size of a giant chandelier. It is just beyond words to describe.

DSC_0371One of my favorite pieces that were featured in the museum is the swirling figure of a horse’s head with a tiny horse standing proudly in the middle of the sweeping swirls. My other favorite was the hidden sea creatures that looked like they were frozen in crystal or ice when they were alive. It is hard to describe just how amazing these piece without showing them. So just take a moment and breathe in the beauty behind these photographs.

DSC_0351DSC_0348DSC_0370DSC_0363DSC_0352DSC_0353Now that your breathe has been stolen. Why not plan Murano as your next vacation destination?

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