Planning with a Planner

I love using my planner to organize my day. It helps keep me on track and remember when and where I am suppose to be. Focusing on a manageable to do list is also super important. So here are my tips for planning life with a planner to get the most out of it without going crazy.

1. Wonderful Planner that you can write appointments in and To Do Lists.

I personally love using my Day Designer for Blue Sky 2019-2020 Academic Year Weekly & Monthly Planner. It has plenty of room for cute stickers, writing appointments, and lengthy To Do. It is simple and easy to use without a bunch of extra pages. I love a big planner that is about notebook sized since it will prevent bending and crippling pages between the other books in my backpack.

2. Stickers

I use stickers to help catch my eye to important items or dates. For example, I use cute little dog stickers to mark dog grooming, vets, and training. I use important stickers to mark test. I also use doctor stickers to mark doctor’s appointment.

3. Pens

I use black and blue pens to mark out my appointments since they are super important and rarely change!

4. Book marker

The book marker that use is simple for me to keep tracker of what page I am in my planner.

5. Sticky Notes

Quick reminders. To go Shopping List. Just stick them on the page your at or where the reminder is needed.

6. Calendar App

My phone is tied to me like a lifeline so whatever goes in my planner is added to my phone calendar as a fail safe if I am without my physical planner.

7. Pencils

I write my To Do list in pencil since it is always changing and being rewritten.

8. Highlighters

Sometimes I don’t know where to start on my To Do lists or what is more important to get done than another item. I use highlighters in different colors to break down the overwhelming list into 3 items per section. Yellow = top importance. Green = important. Blue = may or may not get done.

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