Climate Crisis: Is Doomsday Upon Us?

Every day we are seeing more and more evidence of climate change happening before our eyes. We see videos of the floating garbage islands in the ocean that is as large as a small city. The United Nations have written several reports stating that if major changes do not occur then these changes are irreversible. Based on that we see and hear, one would think we may never escape our own creation of dooms. So, TED Talk decided to invite speakers to explore how we can save our planet and if we can do it in time in Climate Crisis.

Remember the teenager that started the world-wide protest for climate change? Greta Thunberg is the first speaker to talk about climate change. You can hear the subtle pitches in her voice as she cries for the grim future that awaits us if we do nothing. Inspired by the lengths Greta has gone to, we listen to proposals from the other speakers. Jennifer Wilcox proposes a solution for purging excess carbon from the atmosphere, which requires more than planting trees. Bruce Friedrich talks about the changes in how we consume food need to change to be more sustainable. However, two speakers pose the challenges of climate change.

Sean Davis explains that the only way to address this issue is a global effort and starting with a baby step. He references the global effort that occurred for closing the hole in the ozone layer. It shows that the world has the capability for ending climate change if we team up. However, Per Espen Stoknes states that people feel like the climate change problem is out of their reach. They lack the understanding on how their actions will affect their inner circle. When people don’t have the connection to the problem then they are less likely to act. This entire podcast was very interesting to listen to because it brought the problems, solutions, and challenges of climate change in a more layman’s language.

Climate change is a problem we should address now before our doomsday. We have the ability to postpone our doomsday and create a better now then better future. I believe in the capabilities of humanity as a force against climate change. We may not agree on the methods to get there, but we are a force nonetheless. Humans will always push to the beyond so let’s become the force of human goodness. We do not need to fear doomsday if we act now.

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