Decluttering the Organized Chaos of My Life

I like to organize my space in what I call organized chaos. I am notorious for saving too much and losing what I had in my hand 5 minutes ago. However, with the new school year starting soon I decided it was time to declutter. So while I started this crazy project, I found 10 tips for decluttering my life.

  1. Throw out ragged or hole-y clothes, towels, and clothes.
  2. Throw out old pamphlets, tickets, coupons, receipt, and mails.
  3. Give Away Excessive Knick Knacks
  4. Throw Out Old Spices and Old Food. (Even check the expiration of canned items)
  5. Throw Out Expired Make-Up and Grooming Supplies
  6. Give Away or Throw Out Old Technology
  7. Throw Out Broken Jewelry
  8. Give Away Books and Movies You Will Not Watch Or Read Again
  9. Organize Loose Papers
  10. Find a home for all items.

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