Top 10 School Bag Must Haves

With the new semester at college starting soon, I find myself going through my annual checklist to make sure I have the supplies for my college school bag. It can be overwhelming trying to find what you need among the back to school sales so I paired down the giant list of supplies to a more manageable list.

1. File Folder


I love my vertical step index organizer! It is perfect for carrying in the backpack to organize loose papers and can quickly get access to them without pulling everything out.

2. Planner

Some days I can hardly remember which way up and down so a planner helps remind me not only what is coming up but what tasks need to be completed.

3. Water Bottle with Mio

I have a goal of being healthier, which includes drinking more water. However, I love my cold filtered Brita water, and I can’t get this while on campus. So my next best solution is to get a very well insulated water bottle and a Mio packet to flavor my water with. The flavor helps cut some of the lake-like water you can find on campus.

4. Notebook Paper

I love using journals to track my notes, but having three classes in a day means I was not interested in carrying three journals all day. My solution to multiple journals is just carrying loose notebook paper. I can use as many loose pages as needed and at the end of the lecture put the papers in my file folder according to class to put in my class binder when I get home.

5. Healthy Snacks

Packing healthy snacks will help keep you from munching on unhealthy and more expensive options in the vending machine.

6. Post-it Notes

Post-it Notes are super helpful. They are great for adding quick notes on your planner without filling task list. I write reminders and shopping list on them when I find a spare moment between classes.

7. Acupressure Ring

A good friend of mine got me hooked on this ring. It is small enough that I can carry it in my pencil case. I slip this ring on any of my fingers and roll it up and down. I am a huge fidgeter in class so this is the perfect solution to my jitteriness.

8. Headphones

Listen to music, TED Talks, and more walking between classes.

9. Laptop & Chargers

Some of my professors have mastered the art of speed talking which makes taking hand written notes hard so having a laptop and charger is important to keep up with even the speediest talkers.

10. Filled Pencil Case

A collection of pencils, highlighters, pens, whiteout, and eraser.


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