Rosie’s Travel Bucket List

Who gets FOMO over travel articles and travel photos from your friends?

I do!

I have loved traveling and discovering the world from a early age. I am always on the hunt for new places to discover. My Pinterest has layers of boards dedicated to different destinations that I hope to go to in the future. I found myself wistfully staring at these boards the other day as I plan my trips for the year I hope to take, and decided to share my travel bucket list. Don’t worry I narrowed it top my current top 10.

1. Seoul, South Korea

SeoulSeoul is the capital of South Korea. Here the world of old and new merge into the modern city that currently exist. K-pop thrives here. Old villages and castle are open for touring. Hiking is a popular activity for tourist and locals alike. But another reason to visit is the food. Korea loves the heat in their food. They use preservation techniques to impart unique flavors and help fresh ingredients last through their long winters. This is unique to the area and can rarely be found elsewhere.

2. Santorini, Greece

santorini.jpegOne of my best friends came back from her month abroad in Europe and said that this place was her most favorite place in all of Europe. She saw the best sunsets and had the best food here. She said that she wish she had more time to explore this amazing place.

3. Argentina

argentina.jpegIn university, I studied about Latin America and picked up Spanish as my second language. However, I have always wanted to visited Argentina. It is the birthplace of Tango. The food is supposed to amazing here as well. The sights are unbelievable.

4. South Africa

safari.jpegThere is something majestic about the plains of African. The wildlife stuns the world with the power they posses and rarity that they occur in nature. People talk about the sunsets here being the most beautiful too.

5. India

india.jpegGrowing up, I  had a good friend, whose family came from India. I remeber looking at pictures of them visiting their home country, and being so jealous of the sights they saw. I loved her beautiful sarees that her family wore. Her mom developed my palate for Indian food.

6. Croatia

CroatiaJust look at the picture. Do I need to say more?

7. Osaka, Japan

osaka.jpegThis is a food destination. Osaka is famous for the food creation and I want to try it all!

8. Disneyland

disneylandI love Disney! I visited Disneyland over 20 years ago and still have found memories, but would love to see what it looks like now.

9. Seattle, Washington

seattleFood destination I so badly want to eat my way through!

10. Mexico City, Mexico

dayofthedeadI would love to see a Day of the Dead celebration since I am a big halloween fan. It is one of my favorite holidays. I also studied this celebration in university but personally haven’t seen one with my own eyes.

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  1. Sartenada says:

    Dome cool places.

    Happy weekend!


    1. Thank you! Happy Weekend to you too!

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