Simple Habit: Happier & Healthier

I have a goal of a happier and healthier life this year. One of the ways I have been working towards this goal is to practice mediation. Mediation is practice best done under the guidance of a someone who builds these practices with a purpose behind them. However, what I may need from my mediation changes so I was looking for practices that could change with what I need. I also am a low on funds college student so if I could use a service that was free it was all the better for me.

I found Simple Habit in the app store. They have a free platform along with a paid platform. I use the free platform and it is wonderful. You can use it when it is convenient to you. They have a wide range of mediation that cover several different areas of concern. These concern could be anxiety, positivity, sleeping, and productivity to name a few. The length of mediations are usually about 5 minutes but before starting any mediation it not only lets you know about the time the mediation should take but if the particular meditation you are is not a part of the free version or not.

Simple Habit is something that you simply have to try to see how it can help you live happier and healthier.

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