Person of Interest: Science-Fiction meets Crime Drama

I love a good TV show that braces itself across several styles of story telling. I love action. I love sci-fi. I love romance. So if I can get a little piece of all my favorites in a show then I am more than excited to watch the program. So today, I present to you Person of Interest. This show is set in modern New York but has elements of Science-Fiction with altruistic and all powerful Artificial Intelligence who watches over us all. This show has elements of action because the agents and creator must save those that the AI has identified as potential target for violent acts.

Not interested yet? Well if that is the case then I will give 5 good reasons on why you should add this show to your must watch list.

1. Realistic Intelligence Systems

The advance AI technology represented in the show is not far from the reality we live. The AI’s eyes are the thousands of cameras we surround ourselves. The technology evolves with the cast of the show and shows the very real possibility of the merging of our reality with a future of seamless technology integration.

2. Representing Everyone!

The cast of character are ethnically diverse, have disabilities that are both physical and emotional, and different sexualities. So let’s support diversity by watching the shows that have amazing characters like this one!

3. The Eternal Fight Of Good VS. Evil

The main team is focused on preventing the evil acts of people against the innocent before they happen. The AI systems that are present in the show presents the good that we can create with our future of technology and our potential for evil. Depending on the path we take and the choices we make, we can change the future for the good. They are constantly entering and existing the lives of the people they save and pursue. They start to learn how to see the evil in every corner and also the good in the most unexpected places.

4. Cop Show = Action

Like any other cop show on the television, there is shoot out, hand to hand combat, and maybe a few explosions.

5. The Values of Good Men

The last reason to watch this show is because it helps define what are the values of good men. These values drive them to become vigilantes, fighters, soldiers, and so much more.

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