The Story of God with Morgan Freeman

All over the world, humans believe in a variety of belief system. Each belief system has an over watching figure that guides our moral compasses and ways of life. God is defined by a variety of ways but the role God plays in our life doesn’t change. We seek God to help guide our actions and explain the unexplainable. Growing up, I went to church, temples, and other religious sites to look for God. Last year, I made the decision to start my awakening as a Buddhist as it was closer to how I see God in the world. When I started my journey on discovering my faith that there seems to be these underlying questions that each faith had answers for. The most shocking is that these answers that were given to me had many similar despite the obvious differences. I always wondered if I was the only one who asked these questions, and I recently found out.

I discovered The Story of God with Morgan Freeman on the TV (don’t worry you can find it on most streaming services) late one time and sat down for one of the most amazing documents I have ever seen. Each episode is around a religious concept or question. For example, how do we each view death and what happens to our souls when we die was the first question/concept posed in the first season. Morgan Freeman traveled the world seeking different answers with National Geographic to speak with everyday people and religious experts. The dulcet tones of Morgan Freeman helps set the mood, and his unfazed nature allows you to focus on the worlds being spoken.

My favorite episode over all is the Chosen One in Season 2 of this show. It observed the prophets and mediums that deliver the lessons and messages of our God. This show revealed the major difference each religion has in their prophets/mediums, but the answers we seek from these idols are not that dissimilar despite these variations. I don’t want to give too much away but please watch this amazing series. Not tomorrow but tonight like the minute you get home. Contemplate the questions asked by the series and the answer each representative gives. I think it is important to recognize the similarities each belief system shares over the difference that often divide us. This show creates an open conversation that has fluid dialogue about faith that we often don’t or can’t hold in person. But, don’t just take my word for it. Binge and tell me your thoughts about these questions of faith and how each religion was represented in this documentary series.

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