Getting Out of Your Lane and Changing Your Tomorrow

Breath in.

Now, breath out.

Breath in.

Now, breath out.

Take a glance in the mirror at yourself. Look deep in your eyes and ask yourself if you are truly satisfied. Does your work invigorate you? Have you explored all your interests  and pursued all your aspiration? I had to ask myself these questions several months ago before I started my semester at my university. My answer may surprise you.

I was not satisfied. I no longer invigorated by my studies and my schooling wasn’t giving me the proper tools to pursue my aspirations as jumbled as they are. So, I made the decision to leave university and transfer to another that could open the right doors for me. I was well on my way to completing my marketing degree but I knew in my heart that I had to make the right decision. I am now attending a new university in a new degree path, and I can officially say I am truly happy.

I was questioned by friends and family alike for my decision, but in the end they all saw that I was happier in my new university than where I was. I changed lanes and I am all the better for it. However, I know that the struggle of deciding to change what you are doing in terms of job or where you live can be hard. How do I know this? I just call it a gut feeling. We all just need someone to say it was ok. The Good Life Project Podcast decided to take this on in their episode called “Accelerated Learning with Exercise. Getting Out Of Your Lane.” which I recently listened to.

At Good Life Project, they create media, tools, programs and experiences that help you live a better life, then invite you into their community to find amazing friendships, inspiration and support. They try to build the gaps between people like I do here with presenting different topics from different interest groups. The Good Life Project wanted you to know through this particular episode that you were not alone in wanting to change. It is completely normal.

I mean think about it. The things that you were interested in you were 10 years old are not the same things today. So changing allows us to pursue our new interest and create happiness instead of melancholy. The best part is that the change can happen anywhere and at anytime. Very few things if nothing should hold you back from changing your lane. It is not expected that you do just one thing or be in just one place for the rest of your life. So let today be the start of you changing your lane, and let me know what your new lane in life looks like.

A quick thanks to Kaique Rocha for this wonderful image!


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