Harry Potter Welcomed to AR in Wizards Unite

Pokemon Go gave the world of gamers a way to bring the fantasy world to our reality with the use of the camera in the back of our phones. It brought fans in different cities and shared communities together so they could play as a singular unit. However, there is a new game in the app store for I-Phones and I believe Androids that adds on to the AR experiences developed by Pokemon Go called Wizards Unite. It brings a new storyline to the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Fans can now practice their own spells and find magical creatures in their neighborhoods. You can assist the professor of Hogwarts on discover what has happened to the wizarding world. Battle the dark wizards and other nefarious forces while completing daily challenges. As I have downloaded this game on a trail basis, I can truly see how AR is becoming the future of gaming.

It allows gamers to experience these fantasy world’s as a part of their own reality. It provides a full immersive experience that gamers seek out in their gaming systems. Players can actually dive into Hagrid’s Home, and the Forbidden Forest near Hogwarts through the unlocking of Portkeys. They can have their own wands that are stylized to their liking. AR adds the customization and personalization that one cannot receive in other gaming consoles such as the Playstation 4. However, Wizards Unite doesn’t only just represent the future of gaming, but so much more.

Wizards Unite has the ability to build communities were fans can find fans, gamers can find other gamers, and help their house succeed in wizarding challenges. Community creation means that there will be players embracing team work and collaboration. Players can get more invested in playing because you are not playing on your own. For example, players have their friends pushing them to play more so they can help each other. Besides, we have more fun with our friends than on our own.

Wizards Unite helps improve the health of gamers. Most gaming consoles are not portable nor tracks your movement like Wizards Unite.Wizards Unite tracks your GPS location to create local interactions within the existing environment. It even tracks the speed at which you cross the maps so you have to bike or walk so that the distances crossed will qualify towards opening features you collect while playing. So to win the game, you must walk and explore outside your home. Activities that promote health of players. However, this is not the most important aspect of Wizards Unite.

The most important aspects is that you can relive the fandom. Harry Potter was popular on a global scale. However, to live out your fantasy you must travel to Universal Studios in the United States to tell your own tale of Hogwarts. By playing Wizards Unite, fans can tell their own stories no matter where they are in the world. The can put their own personalities into the storyline vs. relying on previous established characters or storyline. The fantasy world expands and continues to live on.

As a fan of gaming and Harry Potter, I recommend playing Wizards Unite. It is a glance into the future of gaming,  growing community based gaming, health promotion tool, and a way to continue the legend of Harry Potter.


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